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PRINTS on paper, metal, vinyl, towels, tees

Grommetted vinyl
An industrial look. Easy care: wipe off with damp cloth. Excellent image detail. Shipped in mailing tube.

AVAILABLE NOW in grometted vinyl:

    Bridge  24 x 28"
    TX horses in drought 20 x 24"
    Portrait of a Yucca 20 x 24"
    x-2212  36 x 48"
   TX Wall Abstract  24 x 28"
    Southside Stairs 24 x 28"

e: art@alxsw.com

instagram:   @alxsw_art


1 flicker_1
2 flicker_2

3 mule deer herd
4 mule deer buck portrait
5 sunflower 1
6 sunflower 2

Photographs available on pillows, totes, wall art, beach
towels, shower curtains, more.

PIXELS.com http://2-alxs-w.pixels.com

photo montage from my photography for prints, decor, totebags, clothing, more.

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