(Below) 5 circles, redCanoe, and Landscape2
Awarded Presidents Award at the Bienalle De'l Arte Contemporanea, Firenze, IT 

AWARDS & Notations

2015  Notice of image in Exhibit in Paris from see.me admin
"...one of your images has been featured on our Facebook page to over 365,000 of our followers. That image will also be included in the digital display at the SeeMe exclusive pro-member reception at the Louvre this coming July 13th.  see more at: alxsw.see.me
Thank you see.me.

2014   7th Annual Master’s Cup, International Color Awards/Photography Masters Cup
Photo:  "streetlight/snowfur"

Kallicut International 2013:  3rd Place Award  
Photo: "Tango"


ARTworksMagazine 2010:
Award for People's Choice Vote at 2009 Carmel Art and Film Festival, Carmel, CA
Photo: "Smoke and Fog"
http://bit.ly/hRAKAw A2A:
artwork& profile featured: http://www.artists2artists.net/photo/photo/listFeatured?xg_source=msg_feat_photo

B&W SpiderAwards 2010: http://bit.ly/g2YZbo
Photo "Southside/Water Tower" 

Biennale de'l Arte Contemporanea, Firenze, Italy, 2009 
President's Award


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