AWARDS & Notations

2015  Notice of image in Exhibit in Paris from admin
" of your images has been featured on our Facebook page to over 365,000 of our followers. That image will also be included in the digital display at the SeeMe exclusive pro-member reception at the Louvre this coming July 13th.  see more at:
Thank you

2014   7th Annual Master’s Cup, International Color Awards/Photography Masters Cup
Photo:  "streetlight/snowfur"

Kallicut International 2013:  3rd Place Award  
Photo: "Tango"

ARTworksMagazine 2010:
Award for People's Choice Vote at 2009 Carmel Art and Film Festival, Carmel, CA
Photo: "Smoke and Fog" A2A:
artwork& profile featured:

B&W SpiderAwards 2010:
Photo "Southside/Water Tower"

Biennale de'l Arte Contemporanea, Firenze, Italy, 2009 
President's Award


(Below) 5 circles, redCanoe, and Landscape2
Recipient  Presidents Award at the Bienalle De'l Arte Contemporanea, Firenze, IT 

painter  photographer  writer

alxsw,, contemporary painting, minimalist painting, abstract painting, contemporary photography, fiction writing, shodo, haiku, poetry